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Reducing Your Accent is Possible

All English pronunciation and accent reduction classes are custom designed to meet your individual needs by our speech therapist. At your complementary consultation, a speech therapist or speech coach will talk to you about your communication goals and take a speech sample and identify your accented habits.

A typical accent reduction class is 12 hours. This will allow the time to teach:

  • American melody
  • Reduce muscular force
  • Consonant and vowel sounds
  • American resonation or voice placement
  • We also address other important factors of communication such a voicing, projection and public speaking skills

Experience Matters!

Elizabeth Peterson, speech therapist, speech coach for nearly 20 years is the author of Accent Reduction 101. She lectures nationwide teaching speech therapists how to identify accented traits and modify accents. She also provides training at companies nationwide. She understands the demands of busy professionals and blends her program to occur naturally across the day.

How it Works

Our goal is to progress you from structured drill to communicating out in the real world quickly through 2 unique real world approaches. The daily speech notebook exercise and working from a list of "Speech Triggers”. Specific real-world techniques are blended into your accent reduction class to assist you with transferring your new speech skills out in the community. Former clients frequently comment that they wished they perused American pronunciation classes sooner.

At the end of your accent reduction program, your accent should be modified and your English pronunciation should be more accurate and clearer. Many clients are satisfied as they have experienced successful accent reduction. We offer additional advanced classes where we will continue to refine your skills.

Smaller 4 or 8 Hour American Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Classes Modified classes are available where we focus on the American melody style and reduce muscular force. This will immediately improve American pronunciation and eliminate many accented traits. Your American pronunciation will be significantly clearer and you will speak with greater confidence. In shorter classes we focus on the primary missing sounds to quickly improve your American pronunciation and reduce accent.

All American pronunciation and accent reduction classes are custom designed to meet your unique needs. Please call us to schedule your complementary consultation.

What Separates Speech and Voice Enterprises from Other American Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Companies?

  • Since your accent reduction class is custom designed, your speech coach will incorporate your practice into your daily routine so finding time to reinforce your skills occurs naturally. Brief practice throughout your day is how to turn your skills into new habits.

  • Complimentary follow up calls between your American pronunciation and accent reduction classes are provided to ensure successful practice and address any questions before your next appointment.

  • Your speech coach will use specific elements of your professional day or daily routine (i.e., conference calls, meetings, auditions or presentations) giving you practical conversational experience. Feedback from former clients has stated this is the best part of their accent reduction class.

English Pronunciation Improvement Training Available at Company Locations Nationwide in Person or Through Tele-Training.

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