Social Skills Development for Elementary Students
Denver and Aurora Colorado

Social Bunch and Academic Crunch

2 Levels: Elementary Students
Wednesday Developing Skills 4:30-5:25
Wednesday Emerging Skills 5:30-6:25

We take young students “Beyond the Classroom” and deliver hands-on instruction to teach and generalize critically developing social skills and appropriate behavior while reinforcing academics through fun, play-based activities. We work with students who are on the autism spectrum, have Down's Syndrome, a learning or intellectual disability, attention deficit or multiple or unique diagnosis. The group’s objective is to teach social skills for initiating, eye contact, conversational exchanges, appropriate body language/distance/touching, tone of voice to match situations, identifying and applying emotion, mental flexibility (i.e., turn taking, wait time, compromise and sharing), cooperative play and partnerships, self advocacy, bully management and friendship building. In addition our lessons help to generalize and reinforce reading, writing and math skills through classroom and real life activities such as cooking, household safety, art and vocational and community themes such as creating and operating an ice cream parlor, one of our most popular activities!

All activities are fully interactive where students are strategically positioned to work, engage and communicate with one another through home, classroom, vocational and community themes. Our Developing Skills Group is designed for student who are building their basic language and social skills. Students are working on vocabulary, communicating at the phrase or simple sentence level and beginning to interact with peers and adults. Our Emerging Skills Group is for students who are conversational with peers and adults, can make their needs known and have basic social skills and manners. Language skills are adequate with the bigger need being social skills and behavior. Appropriate placement will be determined at the consultation after we have an opportunity to learn about your child.

Note: Some of our elementary students enroll in both Social Bunch and Movement and Milestones. Receive 10% off tuition when enrolled in more than 1 program.

Our social skill groups have 3 unique parts:

  • 1. We begin with fun activities where kids will learn how to identify and perceive different types of emotions. This is the foundation to learn how to think socially. Then we do a video modeling activity. Research shows that kids build and understand social issues through video modeling and then we expand on the social topic with live-action activities.

  • 2. A new and different activity comes next where kids have hands-on coaching to practice and experience successful social skill interaction. Kids do crafts, cook together, play games, just to name a few things!

  • 3. We close by teaching kids how to be social thinkers! We practice the thinking skills necessary to start or continue a conversation and have purposeful exchanges with each other. The kids build necessary language skills such vocabulary, figurative language and humor through word games, stories and other activities so they can transfer these skills into changing environments.

This group is designed to give kids the skills necessary to operate in changing situations and interact successfully with kids and adults.

Program Length: Each quarter is 8 weeks. We offer 4 quarters across the school year from September-May. We have separate community based intensive summer camps in July and August!

Age: Younger and older elementary students.

Prerequisite Skills: Ambulatory, independent with bathroom skills, communication, reading and writing at the single word/phrase level. Able to sit and focus on activities for 15-20 minutes.

Primary Areas of Focus: Direct hands-on coaching to apply and reinforce necessary social skills and behavior for building friendships, interacting in a classroom, vocational preparation and community interaction.

Group Highlights:

  • Direct hands-on coaching
  • Focused, data driven lessons on how to interact with a partner and in a small group
  • Lessons surround fun activities like cooking, games and art
  • Some appliance exposure
  • Student driven “Parent Night” two times a year where parents have an opportunity to observe the programming and teaching style and speak with therapists while in action with your child.

For more detailed information on specific skills addressed, please visit “Goals and Objectives” and review a detailed lesson plan.

Note: 10% discount when enrolled in more than 1 program.

Location Points:
=> Cherry Creek School District/Aurora Area
=> 10 minutes from Southlands Mall
=> Located S.E. Denver, Aurora @ 225/25 or E470 @ Quincy