Accent Reduction Classes for Companies

Located in the Denver Metro Area (Near DTC), On-site and Online Classes
“Reduce Your Company Liability and Lost Financial Opportunities.”

Miscommunication is Costly

We have a variety of small group training classes for all types of companies and their employees.

  • Accent reduction classes for the medical professional
  • Accent reduction classes for the IT professional
  • Accent reduction classes for the business professional and executive

Noticeable Improvement in 3 Weeks!

How Can I Reduce My Accent?
How Can I Reduce My Accent?
Look Inside: Accent Reduction 101 Book
Look Inside: Accent Reduction 101 Book
Sneak Peak into Our Group Accent Reduction Training
Sneak Peak into Our Group Accent Reduction Training
Small Group Accent Reduction for Companies
Small Group Accent Reduction for Companies
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for a look inside our Accent Reduction Classes

Why Accent Reduction Classes are a Wise
Investment for Your Company

When difficulties with understanding occur due to speech that has accented traits, or is too fast or choppy, productivity, sales, and profits can be lost. When listeners struggle to understand important information, customer and team relationships can be affected which can ultimately influence the financial bottom line. Miscommunication can be costly for companies due to liability or lost financial opportunity. Elizabeth Peterson has been a speech therapist for over 20 years and is the author of Accent Reduction 101 (Third Edition, 2017). She has worked with company employees and has operated her practice in Denver for over 10 years. Cultural communication traits can be easily improved with an accent reduction class taught by a skilled specialist.

Accent Reduction for Companies
Accent Reduction Class for Companies

Accent Reduction Classes Are Easy to Offer

Never lose sales or profits due to poor communication. We offer a variety of accent reduction classes to accommodate busy professionals that quickly brings the results of clear speech. Our approach is to first eliminate the accented traits that can be distracting or confusing to the listener. We then teach how to speak English in the American cultural and business style that immediately makes speech sound clear and professional. The final portion of our training is to focus on the details and teach the missing English sounds.

Most employees are hard working and represent their bosses and company well. A short training can make a big difference in communication styles in the workplace. It is a worthwhile investment to train an employee rather than replace one.

BLUE and GREEN - Book Covers outline

Accent Reduction 101: (Third Edition)
is included with the class.

The author is Elizabeth Peterson, Speech Therapist and Executive Speech Coach for 20 years. Private practice located in Denver and Aurora.

Invest in an Accent Reduction Specialist

Elizabeth Peterson is a speech therapist and executive speech coach with over 20 years of experience. She is the Author of Accent Reduction 101 (Third Edition, 2017) and has operated a successful practice in Denver for over 10 years. She speaks nationally to other speech therapists and trains them how to offer accent reduction classes in their practice.

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Onsite Accent Reduction Training at Company Locations in Denver and Nationwide

Accent Reduction DenverWe have a variety of training classes for all types of companies.

  • 2 hours once a week for 6 weeks
  • 1 ½ hours once a week for 8 weeks
  • 3 hours once a week for 4 weeks
  • Smaller programs available


Our accent reduction classes can be delivered onsite at your company or online training via SKYPE or WebEx. All classes are custom designed to meet the specific communication requirements of the individual and company. Practice is blended naturally into the business day by using statements made in the workplace, to clients, customers, in meetings, on the telephone and in the community.

Accent Reduction Learning Objectives

  • Eliminate accented speaking habits that can be confusing for a listener.
  • Speak using American speech melody that will significantly improve speech clarity and articulation in 3 weeks.
  • Produce the American consonant sounds with better accuracy.
  • Produce and understand the American vowel sounds.
  • Produce /r/ and /l/ better at the conversational level.
  • Recognize typical errors, and accent traits and apply new strategies and habits to produce clear speech at the conversational level.
  • Scheduled time in daily routines so practice happens automatically and naturally throughout the day.
Accent Reduction for Medical


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Small Group Evening Classes in our Denver Office or Online

Small Group Accent Reduction ClassesWe offer a 4 week Accent Reduction and English pronunciation improvement class from 5:00-7:00pm several times a year. It can either be taken online or in our office.

Self Study

Interested in a self study program?


Try one of our Accent Reduction self study products!
All lessons have clear directions, multiple examples and the auditory support provide examples for all sounds and lessons. Pick from a variety of formats to meet your needs and style of learning. Our Book and Audio CDs, or digital downloads, or our actual Seminar that you can watch and follow along from your own home.


Speech and Voice - Elizabeth Peterson

Elizabeth Peterson, Denver’s leading speech therapist and executive speech coach for over 22 years and is the author of Accent Reduction 101, Third Edition 2017 and Speak Like a Broadcaster & Lead Like a CEO, Third Edition 2017 . Learn More

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Our Denver Corporate Clients
Our Corporate Clients

Elizabeth Peterson M.A., CCC-SLP Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist & Executive Speech Coach for over 20 years
Licensed speech therapist in the State of Colorado
Certified with the American Speech Language Hearing Association
CSHA and American Speech-Language Hearing Association

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