Teaching Accent Reduction

and Other Corporate Communication Opportunities

Teaching Accent Reduction and Establishing a Corporate Communication Business

Welcome to this fantastic opportunity! Corporate communication is a lucrative opportunity for speech-language pathologists or ESL teachers. Why not learn how to teach accent reduction? With our clinical background in language, speech mechanics, voice and resonance while holding a state license to practice, there is no better qualified professional to teach accent reduction to willing business professionals.


If you’re frustrated from working in the medical or school-based model, this is a great opportunity to learn another skill while not having to go back to school. I have been a speech therapist for over 23 years and successfully teaching accent reduction in my successful private practice for over 14 years. Other than having a lot of energy, there is not much difference between you and me. I am proud to say that I have created a successful company and I enjoy my lifestyle. You can have this too by teaching accent reduction!

Become a Corporate Communication Business Specialist Today!

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How I Got Started in Teaching Accent Reduction

I first began by studying cultural speech habits as they relate to American English and found a method that successfully reduces accent and immediately improves clarity. Having in-depth experience with American intonation is the most important skill for successfully teaching accent reduction. Teaching missing sounds is the smaller detail. In addition to accent reduction, there are a multitude of other corporate communication services, speech therapists can tap into such as:


  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Training
  • Executive Business Coaching
  • Private Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • HR Programs on Cultural Diversity in the Work Place
  • ESL Classes with English pronunciation improvement
  • Just to name a few…
Public and Leadership Training

Train the Teacher for Accent Reduction Personal Coaching, Training Materials, and Online Seminars

Personal Coaching for Teaching Accent Reduction and Business Ownership

This 90 day program will position you to have your first client and make better revenue in 90 days. You will receive one on one support and learn insider skills.

Training Materials for Teaching Accent Reduction

Get started today! Purchase the recorded, Instructional, Train the Trainer Accent Reduction 101 seminar for teachers and obtain the instructor’s teaching manual. In addition, there are other helpful resources for building your accent reduction practice with an opportunity to get conference pricing! Watch our videos for trainers and learn about the materials that will get you started.

Watch and Learn Seminars

Get a behind the scenes look at how accent reduction and professional public speaking is taught by Elizabeth Peterson. Watch her teach, identify errors and coach clients to success by viewing our live, recorded seminars for business professionals.

Free Videos for Accent Reduction

See some of the techniques, understand language differences, and see why accents occur.

1. Private accent reduction training classes available in our Denver office or online

Personal Coaching

Have a Profitable Corporate Communication Business in 90 Days

If you would like a hands-on partnership for building your business, having solutions for obstacles and having clients within 90 days, plus having a continual stream of income, contact us for customized coaching to get your corporate communication company launched.


We will work with you personally to build your company and confidence and support you in identifying obstacles and how to work around them. Learn business strategy, targeted marketing and skilled business operations with Liz Peterson, speech-language pathologist and corporate communication specialist and business owner for over 15 years.


Learn how to establish websites and digital marketing, company contracts, get clients, negotiate with confidence, establish fees, offer more programs in addition to accent reduction and get your business launched in 90 days.


We offer two levels of coaching (click the boxes below to see details):

LEVEL 1: Company and Clients in 90 days

Coaching Outline for Level 1 Training

This is a general outline. Coaching is customized based on where you are in your business development.


  • Week 1 Identifying goals and outlining your plan for the next 90 days.
  • Week 2 Identify obstacles: Breaking them down into manageable parts.
    Turning fear from business ownership into excitement!
  • Week 3 Build your team. Find web, social media, tax accounting, etc.
  • Week 4 Work week- Check in.
  • Week 5 Work week. Put it all together.
  • Week 6 Setting up how and where to set up shop. Squash obstacles.
  • Week 7 Advanced marketing and networking.
  • Week 8 Negotiate with confidence. Close sales naturally.
  • Week 9 Working on it.
  • Week 10 Still working on it.
  • Week 11 Putting it all together. Accent reduction and what else?
  • Week 12 Launch! Welcome your first client.
LEVEL 2: Advanced coaching once clients are on your calendar and your business is moving forward.

Level 2 Coaching:

Advanced coaching once clients are on your calendar and your business is moving forward. Lean deeper techniques for successful accent reduction and continued business building/marketing and operation skills.

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