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“I have been speaking English in America for years. Why do I still speak it with an accent?”

How you can reduce your accent



Did you know you that you can take your accent reduction class online-worldwide?
Accent Reduction training classes must be taught by a speech and language expert who understands the cultural difference across world languages if you want to see a significant change in your speech.


Elizabeth Peterson has been a speech-language pathologist for 23 years and is the author of Accent Reduction 101 Third Edition (2017, 2010, 2008) and is considered to be a national expert in the United States.

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Speech Clarity in 3 Online Sessions!

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The Benefits of Accent Reduction And Online Training

  • Receive highly skilled and expert instruction from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Eliminate travel or work with an expert who is not in your area.
  • An accent reduction online class is the same experience as in an office. The instruction is identical. See our reviews in Google, Facebook, and Yelp.


We work with clients from all over the world. Contact us to arrange your complementary consultation. Taking a custom designed accent reduction training class online is easy and convenient with expert and skilled instruction. We work with all of the major online platforms.

Accent reduction training classes for individuals, groups, and online.
Speech therapist Elizabeth Peterson teaching a woman how to reduce her accent.
Elizabeth Peterson, speech therapist and voice coach, providing accent reduction training for a man from India.

How You Can Reduce Your Accent?

Reducing or minimizing your accent is a realistic goal. Lets first examine why accents exist. Every cultural group (i.e. speakers from India, Russia or Spanish countries for example) has their own way for talking. The talking pattern is known as intonation.


Once someone learns a new language like English, that second language is spoken in the intonation style of the first language. The first skill that will be learned in your online accent reduction class is how to speak your English in the cultural style of American speakers. Speaking English in the American intonation style is the first and most important step in a successful accent reduction training class.


Experience Greater Clarity with your English in Three Online Sessions!


Why American Intonation Immediately Makes Your English Clearer


  • You are speaking your English in the American style and not in the style of your first language.
  • Since you are speaking with American Intonation you are minimizing your accented behaviors such as:
    • Talking too fast
    • Talking with shorter and choppy sound segments
    • Talking in a monotone style
  • Once American intonation becomes habit, you are now in position to learn the missing sounds from your English such as: /th, v, w, vowel sounds/ to name a few.

Why Our Online Classes For Reducing Your Accent Work

Your online accent reduction class will be taught by Elizabeth Peterson, speech-language pathologist with over 23 years of experience working with languages and speech patterns from all over the World. The accent reduction online class is designed for busy professional people like yourself. Each class has a targeted lesson. The course comes with the book, Accent Reduction 101 and has auditory support to practice your new skills. Real-world and functional activities are placed in your daily schedule so you can practice speaking with a reduced accent across your business day.


Contact us to arrange your complementary consultation.

Large group of students learning how to reduce their accents.
Elizabeth Peterson is a speech therapist and speech pathologist. Here she is speaking at the University of Denver in Colorado.
Accent reduction training classes for individuals, groups, and online.
Filming for our accent reduction training classes online.

Our Professional Accent Reduction Class Goals

4 Hour Speech Clarity Program

  • Experience speech clarity in 2-3 weeks by speaking with American intonation.
  • Eliminate or significantly minimize accented behaviors such as speech too fast, monotone or in a choppy hard to understand quality.
  • Have practice resources for getting new skills out in the real world


8 Hour Sounding More American Program

  • Introduction to the vocalic R or L sound
  • Learn how to diaphragm breathe.
  • Learn the main consonant sounds that are missing from your English.


12 Hour Full Accent Reduction Training Program

  • Learn the missing vowel sounds from your English.
  • Advances vocalic R and L work.
  • All other sounds and unique nuances of American English.
  • Advanced work for applying new skills with business presentations or meeting topics. Incorporating advanced breathing techniques.
  • Hands on coaching for presentations or leading meetings.


Your training is custom designed to meet your needs. An assessment is included in your training and together we will develop your goals.

Speak English Like A Native



We offer three different classes at your complementary consultation. We can select the best class for your needs.

Private Accent Reduction Classes in Denver or Online
  • Medical professionals also benefit from accent reduction because it allows them to communicate better.Quick Speech Clarity Program. This is a four session accent reduction training class where we teach you how to speak your English using American intonation. Speaking with American intonation, instead of the melody pattern from your first language is the first and most important step in reducing your accent and sounding clear. In addition to sounding more clear, you will eliminate many of your accented habits such as talking too fast, choppy, monotone or too forceful. Most people notice results after 2-3 weeks. Enjoy never having to repeat yourself again.
  • Learning the Missing Sounds Program. This accent reduction training class eight sessions. After you learn how to speak with American intonation, you will be ready to learn the missing sounds. Sounds typically targeted are /TH, ING, F, V, W, SH, CH and vocalic R and L/ and vowel sound training. Learning the missing sounds from your English will further enhance your speech clarity and overall pronunciation.
  • Full Accent Reduction Program and Business Communication Training. This is a 12 session program that covers all aspects of how to reduce your accent as well as other important communication behaviors such as speaking from a diaphragm breath and voice skills. More time is available to work on more complicated sounds such blended consonants, word endings, advanced /R/ and /L/. There is time available to address public speaking and presentation training, leading meetings or other aspects of your job.
  • Pricing: The pricing includes your book, auditory support and private instruction scheduled at your convenience. Paying in monthly installments is available and discounts are applied when paid in full. Pricing begins from $499-1299. Check with your company to see if they pay for or subsidize professional development training.
Small Group Evening Classes in our Denver Office or Online

We provide training classes for accent reduction in groups both small and large.We offer a 4 week Accent Reduction and English pronunciation improvement class from 6:15-8:00pm several times a year. It can either be taken in our office or online. We currently do not have any group classes scheduled.

Onsite Accent Reduction Training at Company Locations in Denver and Nationwide

Please call us to discuss your needs and type of training of interest. More information is on our Business Communication Training page on types of training and group sizes.

Self Study

Interested in a self study program?


Purchase the Accent Reduction 101 book and/or watch our recorded-live accent reduction seminar for business professionals online, taught by Elizabeth Peterson, speech pathologist and accent reduction specialist.


All lessons have clear directions, multiple examples and the auditory support provide examples for all sounds and lessons. Online classes have the added benefit of completing the coursework from the comfort of your computer.


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