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Onsite Professional Development for Businesses

Speech and Voice Enterprises offers a variety of business training programs designed for any type of company. We have trained employees and teams from large and established companies to new and growing small businesses across Denver and Nationwide. A small training can make a big difference in sales revenue, employee performance and well being, professionalism and reputation.


Our business training programs are lead by Elizabeth Peterson, Speech-language pathologist and corporate communication specialist for over 23 years and her practice has been in Denver for over 14. Our business trainings occur at your business location or via webinar. They are custom designed to meet the needs of your company and team. Every business needs team members with strong communication skills for effective leadership, increased productivity and inspired motivation.

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Business Training Group Classes at Our Denver Office or by Webinar

Across the year we offer group classes in our Denver office and online on the following topics: (Please check our schedule for dates, price and registration.)

Business Training Program Length and Group Size

Pricing is based on program length and the group size. It will be our pleasure to speak with you to learn of your training goals and assist you with selecting the right program. Discounts are provided when one or more training is booked or there is a need for some employees to receive private training.

Choose Your Program Length

Half Day: Up to 3 hours of training. Typically there is one or two, short breakout sessions to practice skills. A short training provides enough time to deliver the important mechanics to achieve targeted goals. A three-week practice program will be provided.


Full Day Training: Up to six hours. Longer breakout sessions are provided with more direct hands on coaching. A longer training provides the opportunity to explore additional areas other than the basic skills and have advanced lessons. Also time is allowed for the group to deliver presentations/role play scenarios and received feedback. A three week practice program is provided.


Most Popular! Split Training: Two sessions that are up to three hours in length scheduled between one or two weeks to practice skills. This is our most popular training as companies like the option of two shorter sessions with the opportunity to practice skills. The second session typically is more advanced since participants had time to learn new skills. Also time is available for the group to deliver presentations/role play scenarios and receive feedback.

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Choose your Group Size

Level 1 Intensive Small Group Training: This program is designed for up to 8 participants. Small group training allows time for the participants to receive hands-on direct coaching to identify skilled behaviors and behaviors that are interfering with the message. There is opportunity for every individual to received direct feedback.


Level 2: Pairs Training: This program is designed for 9-15 participants. This program places participants in pairs of three-four people to practice skills during breakout sessions. Typically when an ideal or non-ideal behavior is observed the entire group is alerted and that moment is discussed or demonstrated. Short presentations or role play can be performed and the instructor and group identify strengths, improvements and areas for more practice.


Level 3: Large Group Class Training: This program is designed for 16-50 people. Given the size, instruction is a PowerPoint demonstration. Opportunity is provided for breakout sessions. General observations from participants are made and behaviors are participants are made and behaviors are demonstrated to the group as an example. Video clips from a previous training are shown that provides feedback of individuals delivering a presentation.

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