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“Improve Sales with New and Existing Customers
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Becoming More Effective at Sales

This training focuses on techniques to further build relationships with new and existing customers through skilled messaging and communication skills. We immediately evaluate the communication and voice habits of your sales team. Often communication habits such as mumbling, monotone, nasality or over enthusiasm can cause a potential customer to be guarded, feel mistrust, and not be fully engaged with the our sales representative. Speech patterns, voice and communication behaviors are a skill that when applied correctly has an effect on the way people relate and interact with one another.


Learning how to apply these skills strategically will position sales representatives to connect with customers more effectively and bridge finalizing the deal more smoothly. Elizabeth Peterson has been a speech therapist and speech coach for over 22 years and has operated her practice in Denver for over 10. She believes using communication skillfully is the pathways for improving sales.

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The Two Most Important Communication Element for Improving Sales

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We begin by teaching professionals how to speak using business intonation that will immediately sound more professional, improve articulation for sharper, clearer speech while producing a more controlled speaking rate. This is the speaking style of broadcasters, political figures and many trained CEOs. Participants will also learn how to place their voices in their ideal pitch range to speak with richer vocal tones that radiates strength, confidence and has better projection. Controlled intonation and speaking from the lower throat are the two main communication skills associated with leadership and credibility.

How Our Improving Sales Training Works

Getting to the Intention Quickly

We teach sales representatives that every call should have a specific intention as the foundation for improving sales. Often the intention can be unclear due to the sales representative not having the right messaging or not knowing how to drive the point effectively. We learn your business and then teach approaches to find the right phrasing to get to the intent of the call and closer to a sale.

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Improving Sales Skills

Improving Sales Requires Mental Flexibility

We will work with your team on how to proposition the company’s value with products and services. We will teach your team to think more strategically to brainstorm customer that could impact sales and have solutions prepared in advance. A cold call can become warm by learning how to strategically schedule future follow up calls or submit a bid from last items purchased from another competitor. Your sales team will learn to be more competitive and feel excited to get out there and close more sales.

Interactive Practice to Drill the Skill

Many interactive practice sessions will be included so all participants will have specific organized plans, phrasing and the confidence to negotiate sales in a variety of situations. We will listen to previously recorded phone calls and identify strengths and areas of new opportunity. We will role play other sales scenarios and apply the new skills learned. We teach how to make the interaction more about the customer and show that the sales representative is the go-to problem solver of the company. We can also record the practice to maximize the training experience.


By the end of the sales improvement training, your staff will have complete understanding of personal strengths and areas of growth for future sales. They will have greater confidence in negotiating sales and have vast resources, strategies and planned language to use in situations that occur during sales meetings and calls.

By the end of the improving sales training, your sales representative will be able to improve sales by:

  • Controlling the message for a desired outcome.
  • Communicate with a speech pattern that is engaging and naturally increases a customer’s interest.
  • Communicate from the ideal pitch to communicate with rich and strong vocal tones.
  • Learning how to speak using professional business intonation and melody for clear and sharp sounding speech and speaking with a controlled rate.
  • Finding ways to make a solid connection during a call.
  • Speak in a voice that is rich and pure in tone that radiates confidence.
  • Understand how other nonverbal messages are communicated past the words.
  • Understand body language and the signals that are sent.
  • Use a variety of strategies to redirect a call that seems to be struggling.
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Improving Sales Training Learning Objectives:

    • Have prepared language to use for introductions and follow up calls.
    • Have strategies for making connections, building confidence and managing push back.
    • Identify the intention of each call and get to the point of customers quickly.
    • Redirect a message when it feels out of control.
    • Present as a leader when posing questions and delivering information.
Improving Sales Training


We offer half, full and our most popular training, split day at business locations in Denver or Nationwide. For detailed information please visit our Business Communication Training on types of training and group size. We also provide private coaching in these areas.


  • We provide individual coaching and offer 4, 6, or 8 week private sessions. Please call to arrange a complementary consultation.
  • For pricing, please call us so we can learn about your team, needs, group size and type of training of interest. After our discussion, we will then send you a proposal of different training options along with cost.


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