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Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

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Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

The right business coach can keep you forward moving and get your business launched! We work with clients in our Denver office or online Nationwide.

Deciding to create a business and working for yourself can feel scary. It should also be an exciting time in your life. Let’s not have the steps to the process overwhelm you. Partnering with a business coach will help you break the process into manageable steps and keep you forward moving so you can launch. Get advice and structure from someone who has done it successfully for 14 years.

Elizabeth Peterson has been a speech-language pathologist for over 23 years and has operated her full- time business in Denver for over 14. Since 2008, she has been teaching her business communication skills training to other speech therapists nationwide and has coached many of them into successful businesses.

Deciding to develop a business can get overwhelming quick. That does not have to be the case. Together we will break down the key elements into manageable parts.

  • Business Planning: What else do you need to think of outside of your service or product?
  • Advertising vs. Marketing. Do you know the difference?
  • Storybook Marketing: How to connect your service or product to people
  • Digital Marketing: This has changed the business model
  • Financial Picture: What will it cost you to gain a client or sell a product? Where will you be a year from now?
  • Negotiating tactics and setting fees. How to price
  • Community Resources: There are free and great resources out there
  • How to demonstrate your value

Get Launched!

The outline and goals and variable as business owners are often in different places with their business development. Every business owner is in a different place with their development strategy. Topics can change and usually do. Timeline is flexible.

  • Week 1 Identifying goals and outlining your plan for the next 90 days.
  • Week 2 Identify obstacles: Breaking them down into manageable parts. Turning fear from business ownership into excitement!
  • Week 3 Build your team. Find web, social media, tax accounting, etc. What questions need to be asked. Community resources
  • Week 4 Working on it. Discuss developments
  • Week 5 Marketing and website language development
  • Week 6 Marketing and website language development
  • Week 7 Working on it. Discuss developments
  • Week 8 Setting up how and where to set up shop. Squash obstacles.
  • Week 9 Digital marketing. Creating a consumer experience
  • Week 10 Business Finance. What will it cost you?
  • Week 11 Business Finance. Financial forecasting
  • Week 12 Negotiate with confidence. Close sales naturally
  • Week 13 Working on it. Questions and further development
  • Week 14 Still working on it. Planning and development
  • Week 15 Putting it all together. What else do I need?
  • Week 16 Launch! Operations management. Welcome clients and new opportunity

Our business coaching partnership begins by understanding your vision of your company. We will target specific goals along with a timeline. We will identify interfering obstacles and find solutions to potential problems. Every successful person has a plan. Let’s develop the right on for you.

We work together one time a week for 60 minutes for 16 weeks building your business and focusing on your development goals. Topics and goals may change as your business is being developed. Often coaching programs exceed 16 weeks as clients request breaks to work on business development. Scheduling is fully flexible.

Working with a business coach can save you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes or lost time due to lack of production. If business coaching is of interest to you. Please call for a complementary consultation. We would like to learn your vision and partner with you for the next steps.

New business owners, there are some good free and low cost resources out there to help you start your business.

  1. The Small Business Administration www.SBA.gov. Lots of resources and free or low cost classes on subject matter you need. Also check out the one in your city such as the Denver Small Business Administration
  2. SCORE Service Corps or Retired Executives. www.Score.orgThey have free or low cost classes. You can also make an appointment and have a free meeting with someone to discuss your plan and get questions answered. If they don’t have the answer, they will give you a resource. Check out the Denver chapter.
  3. Adult Education Classes. Typically, a single 3-hour class on subject matter you will need for a low cost. Colorado Free University is in Denver. Check out their schedule.
  4. Meet Up. An online community with many events and groups for new business owners, Entrepreneurs, women in business. Many groups who do networking events, organize lunches, happy hour, bring in a speaker. The state of Colorado has the largest chapter in the state. Check out www.Meetup.com. If Denver is your city, select it and search for the above-mentioned groups.
  5. Chamber of Commerce or Business administration for your city. Denver and Aurora has a large business admin with free counseling or low cost classes. You can even have a meeting with a counselor. Search these types of terms for your city and you will get resources.

I hope you find these resources helpful. I have used all of these when I was first developing my business. There is a lot of great information out there. Go get it!

Ever since high school I always wanted to have my own full-time private practice in speech pathology. When I moved from New York City to Denver, I intentionally took a job at a school district for the flexibility while I was building a company here. (Let’s be honest, I liked the time off too). During that time, I saw clients in the evening two times a week. I used the money to further build my practice and have travel money. (I went on a polar bear safari). After a couple of years, I took a risk and gave up one day at the district to see clients during the day. (I’m growing). A year after that, I gave up two days at the district. A year after that, I quite the district and was operating full time.

On a personal note, I must say how much I love working for myself. To work according to your own vision and the autonomy and independence is wonderful. I actually exceeded my goal. I thought I would do private practice two or three days as week and have to hold onto the school district for security. I have been full time for over 7 years. When I resigned I felt more excited than scared. It was such a great feeling when late August rolled around and instead of reporting to the district, I continued to enjoy my summer.

Operating a business full time is hard work. It can be done. I absolutely love it and have no regrets. There really isn’t anything special about me other than being a risk taker. If I can do it, anyone can.

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Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs - Training Options in Denver or Online

We offer a 12-week comprehensive executive coaching program. We see clients in our Denver office of online nationwide. All programs are custom designed to meet your unique needs. Please review our options below and call us to arrange your complementary consultation.

Business Coaching: 

Our business coaching is custom designed to meet your unique needs. We offer 12-week program in our Denver Office or Online. Program is discounted when paid in full or monthly installments available. Check with your company to see if they pay for or subsidize professional development training.

We offer two day, intensive workshops a few times a year. Unlimited follow up coaching for 30 days and extensive home program and materials.

We offer half, full and our most popular training, split day. Share with us your goals and we will customize a program that exceeds expectations. Please call us to discuss your needs and type of training of interest. More information is on our Business Communication Skills Training on types of training and group size.

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