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Public Speaking Training for Women

Do You Speak with Persuasion and Leadership?

We improve business communication skills, voice placement, breathing and body language for building confidence and enhancing your leadership brand. Classes in our Denver office or online.

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Public Speaking Classes Exclusively Designed for Women

Women are smart leaders, are visionary and many have all greatly benefited from our public speaking classes for women. Often women discredit their dynamic image by speaking softly, lacking projection, speaking with a nasal voice, using a vocal pitch that is too high, or simply by not “crushing” it. If this sounds like you or someone in your office, our public speaking classes for women will transform your communication skills and leadership image. We teach women how to have command over their voices to better persuade, lead, motivate while radiating confidence and credibility. It is how every “It Girl” should present herself in the competitive world of business.

Elizabeth Peterson has been a speech therapist for over 20 years and has worked with women in business in her Denver practice for over 14. She personally understands the dynamics women bring to the office.

Our training teaches women how to speak using a business intonation that will immediately sound more professional and improve vocal power. Women will learn how to place their voice in their ideal pitch range to speak with a stronger and more powerful voice, eliminating thinner and higher pitched tones. We teach techniques for utilizing diaphragmatic breathing to speak with a more natural projection. These combined skills enhance credibility and the image of leadership because communication goes far beyond the chosen words.

We also instruct women how to become stronger presenters and deliver information with better leadership and expertise. We teach how to deliver excellent presentations by organizing and displaying content, using body language, and eliminating nervous behaviors that suggest fear of public speaking. Women will learn the “Must Do’s” for an effective presentation and the “Never Do’s”,  such as apologizing for advancing to the next slide unintentionally. It is not what is said but how it is said that makes impact and projects leadership with colleagues and competitors.

Women can achieve unlimited personal and professional success by learning how to present with a stronger voice image and speaking style. Our programs are custom designed to meet the unique needs of our clientele. This training is available for private sessions or small groups at company locations nationwide, in our Denver office, or Online.

  • How to be the “It Girl” in the world of business with impressive communication and speech skills.
  • Speak in a melody style that will captivate a listener’s interest and create more active listening.
  • Speak in a melody style that will improve articulation and be more impactful.
  • Speak from the optimal pitch range and eliminate a thin and higher pitch.
  • Never sound nasal again.
  • Learn how to breathe effectively for a stronger voice.
  • Master the business psychology of posing questions as a leader and authority in your field.
  • Use body language effectively and learn how to read signals from others.
  • Eliminate nervous habits, anxiety, and vocal pitch breaks that show fear of public speaking.
  • Learn how to answer unexpected questions and know what to do when you don’t have the answer.
  • Improve sales negotiating techniques.

Speak from your Stronger and More Powerful Voice

  • In a professional setting, are you happy with your voice quality?
  • Do you speak in a manner where your voice is effective and people respond?
  • Did you know that you can change where your voice is placed to speak with a stronger and more powerful voice?

Download Free E-book What to Look for in a Speech Coach

Public Speaking Training Classes for Women Options

We offer a variety of public speaking training opportunities specifically designed for women such a private classes, online training, two day seminars, self study and group training at company locations in Denver or nationwide. All programs are custom designed. Please review the options below and give us a call to arrange your complementary consulation.

We offer 4, 6 and 8 week public speaking and communication skills training classes in our Denver office or online. Shorter programs focus on professional speaking skills, improving articulation, voice coaching and diaphragm breathing. Longer programs allow for presentation rehearsal, focusing on fear of public speaking, body language or leadership development through communication. Programs are developed based on your needs.

Pricing: The pricing includes your book, auditory support and private instruction scheduled at your convenience. Paying in monthly installments is available and discounts are applied when paid in full. Pricing begins from $499-899. Check with your company to see if they pay for or subsidize professional development training.

We offer two day, intensive workshops a few times a year. Unlimited follow up coaching for 30 days and extensive home program and materials. Free one hour of private coaching is included. Go to Two Day Public Speaking Seminars

We offer half, full and our most popular training, split day. Share with us your goals and we will customize a program that exceeds expectations. Please call us to discuss your needs and type of training of interest. More information is on our Business Communication Training on types of training and group size.

What our Clients Are Saying

I used to be fearful. Now I will have more authority and power.
I am a vet with a practice. I spoke with up-speak and did not sound confident. Now that I have worked with Liz, that has gone away. She is a true expert with what she does.
She identifies things I was not aware I did which are ineffective and distracting. She is top in her field.

Business Communication Skills Training

Books and recorded seminar for accent reduction & voice inprovement.