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We improve business communication skills, voice placement, breathing and body language for building confidence and enhancing your leadership brand. Classes in our Denver office or online.

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What is Vocal Pitch?

When people judge others’ voices, they are commenting on the quality of their actual pitch. The placement of a person’s voice can be changed. If you feel that your voice pitch is too high, sounds thin, weak or has a lot of nasal resonance, you can learn how to speak with a stronger and more powerful voice and speak with strong, rich tones that are pleasing and sound more powerful.

Your “Normal” Voice vs. Your Best Voice

Many voice therapists describe two types of pitch, habitual and optimal (your best voice). Habitual pitch is your normal, social and personality tone of voice. It is the pitch you use automatically but it may not necessarily be your best vocal quality. Optimal or best pitch is located in your lower throat and produces your strongest vocal tones. It is physiology and the position in your lower throat that creates stronger and richer tones, which are more pleasing to other people. Speaking in your optimal pitch range is preferred for professional speech, since that is where the most vibrant and stronger tones are produced.

For many people, there is a significant gap between habitual and optimal pitch. It is most likely due to the fact that you find it easier and more comfortable speaking in your habitual or “normal” pitch range.

If you say “no”, there is probably something with your speaking style or voce quality that is unintentionally interfering with your progress. The good news is, you can change your voice quality and speaking style so your messaging sends good leadership signals.

After you learn how to speak with your stronger and more powerful voice, we will evaluate your speech patterns to unsure that you are speaking in a style that radiates confidence and better leadership. Speech behaviors that interfere with confidence and leadership include:

  • Talking too fast. You lose your power when people have to expend mental energy decoding your message instead of listening and processing it easily.
  • Up-Speak. Ending your statements on a higher note as opposed to a lower one. People who talk with up-speak do not sound confident. It is an immature speaking pattern and does not sound credible or have leadership qualities. Somewhere in life it became habit. The good news is that the behavior can be replaced with a more polished speaking pattern.
  • Mumbling or monotone speech patterns. When people speak in a monotone style it is boring and hard to understand. If mumbling is a part of that speech pattern, then speech is even less effective.

The good news is speaking patterns along with voice can be changed.

Breathing for life is different than breathing for good communication. Often fast talkers or those with a thin, high or nasal voice tend to be chest breathers when talking. Speaking from a diaphragm breath will help you to speak at a more controlled with better projection, as well as have better coordination of thoughts with your speech mechanism. Overall, you will be more comfortable and effective when communicating from a diaphragm breath.

If you feel your voice is thin, weak, too high in pitch or has nasal resonance we can help. If you have ineffective speech patterns, we can teach you to speak with better confidence, improved articulation and better projection.

We offer 4, 6, and 8-week programs that are designed for busy professionals who want to speak with a stronger and more powerful voice. Contact us to learn more.

Find out if you speak with nasality. Place your fingers on the middle portion of the bridge of your nose and say the following words:

/ Sour / Hot Sauce / Cat / Book / Tiger /

You should not have felt a buzzing vibration in your nose. If you felt a buzz, then your voice was placed too high in your nasal cavity, creating nasal resonance. Lower your voice by speaking in your optimal pitch and try again.

Try these phrases. Again, you should not feel a buzz in the bridge of your nose.

  • It was sour.
  • I rode the bike.
  • Please pass the hot sauce.
  • The stove is hot.
  • Put your briefcase here.

Contact us to learn how to speak with your stronger and more powerful voice.

Learning Objectives for Our Voice Improvement Program

Liz Peterson: Voice Trainer for Orangetheory Fit Coaches

By conclusion of your selected program, the following objectives should be achieved:

4-Hour Voice Improvement Program

  • Eliminate interfering voice behaviors, such as speaking in too thin, high of a pitch or with nasal resonance
  • Speak from your optimal pitch range for stronger and more powerful tones.
  • Communicate with better natural projection
  • Speak with professional speech melody known as intonation

6-Hour Voice Improvement Program

  • Everything from the 4-hour class plus:
  • Speak from a diaphragm breath
  • Coordinate diaphragm breathing at the conversational level

8-Hour Voice Improvement Program

  • Everything from the 6-hour program plus:
  • This part of the training is completely customizable. Options include:
  • Presentation coaching with your new skills
  • Physical and cognitive strategies for managing speech anxiety
  • Body language coaching
  • Leadership development

We offer 4, 6 and 8 week public speaking and communication skills training classes in our Denver office or online. Shorter programs focus on professional speaking skills, improving articulation, voice coaching and diaphragm breathing. Longer programs allow for presentation rehearsal, and focusing on fear of public speaking, body language and leadership development through communication. Programs are developed based on your needs.

Pricing: The pricing includes your book, auditory support and private instruction scheduled at your convenience. Paying in monthly installments is available and discounts are applied when paid in full. Pricing begins from $499-899. Check with your company to see if they pay for or subsidize professional development training.

We offer two day, intensive workshops a few times a year with unlimited follow up coaching for 30 days and extensive home program and materials. Free one hour of private coaching is included. For more information: Two Day Public Speaking Seminars

We offer half, full and split day (our most popular) training. Share with us your goals and we will customize a program that exceeds expectations. Please call us to discuss your needs and type of training of interest. More information on types of training and group size can be found on our Professional Development page. 

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