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Can You Benefit from Accent Reduction?

Learn how to speak your English in the American cultural and business style. Also, you can reduce your accent with the ease and flexibility of e-learning!

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How Can I Reduce My Accent?

We understand accent reduction and offer many classes and training options taught by Elizabeth Peterson, a licensed Speech Pathologist and author of Accent Reduction 101.

Every cultural group has its own melody style for talking. When you learn a second language like English, you naturally speak it in the melody style of your first language. Too much muscular force and missing sounds also create accent. American English has a specific melody pattern (intonation) for talking. Speaking your American English with American intonation is the most important skill for successful accent reduction.

Elizabeth Peterson has been a speech pathologist for over 20 years and has worked with accented professionals in her Denver practice for over 15 years. We offer many solutions on how you can reduce your accent quickly, and speak with greater clarity and confidence. Training is available in our Denver Office or Online.

  • Intonation. Speaking in a new melody pattern that has a lot of pitch changes. The melody is always moving and is not monotone or spoken in one pitch pattern, which is a common speaking style for many people seeking accent reduction.
  • Mouth Movement: American English requires more mouth movement with the lips, tongue and jaw compared to most languages. This will be a new way of talking.
  • Speech Rate and Syllable Length: Due to the American intonation style and having more range of motion with the mouth, sound segments or individual syllables are held slightly longer compared to other languages. Due to the longer syllable sound segments, the rate of speed at which English is spoken will feel slower.

You will learn how to speak with American intonation and other behaviors described in our accent reduction training classes.

We are experts in understanding the cultural speech behaviors across world languages. We will identify the behaviors in your speech that are not required for American English. We offer a complementary consultation where we will identify your accented behaviors and demonstrate the skills required to speak English with less accent.

Once you are speaking with American intonation your overall English will be clearer. That change will happen after two or three sessions. You will enjoy communicating without having to repeat yourself. We understand that busy professionals don’t have time to “study”, which is why we have several approaches for you to practice naturally across your business day. Regardless of which accent reduction program you choose, you will be speaking your English with great clarity and confidence.

After completion of your accent reduction program, your goals will be acheived.

4 Hour Speech Clarity Program

  • Experience speech clarity in 2-3 weeks by speaking with American intonation
  • Eliminate or significantly minimize accented behaviors such as speaking too fast, monotone, or in a chippy, hard to understand manner.
  • Have practice resources for getting new skills out in the real world

8 Hour Sounding More American Program

  • Introduction to the vocalic R and L sound
  • Learn how to diaphragm breathe
  • Learn the main consonant sounds that are missing from your English

12 Hour Full Accent Reduction Training Program

  • Learn the missing vowel sounds from your English
  • Advances vocalic R and L work
  • All other sounds and unique nuances of American English
  • Advanced work for applying new skills with business presentations or meeting topics. Incorporating advanced breathing techniques
  • Hands on coaching for presentations or leading meetings

Your training is custom designed to meet your needs. An assessment is included in your training and together we will develop your goals.

Free Accent Reduction Tips and Training Videos

Accent Reduction Training Class Options

We offer three different private accent reduction training classes. Instruction is available in Denver or online.

  • Quick Speech Clarity Program. The focus for this accent reduction class is to speak your English using American intonation. Speaking with American intonation, instead of the melody pattern from your first language is the first and most important step in reducing your accent and sounding clear. In addition to sounding more clear, you will eliminate many of your accented habits such as talking too fast, choppy, monotone or too forceful. Most people notice results after 2-3 weeks. Enjoy never having to repeat yourself again.
  • Learning the Missing Sounds Program. After you learn how to speak with American intonation, you will be ready to learn the missing sounds. Sounds typically targeted are /TH, ING, F, V, W, SH, CH and vocalic R and L/ and vowel sound training. Learning the missing sounds from your English will further enhance your speech clarity and overall pronunciation.
  • Full Accent Reduction Program and Business Communication Training. This accent reduction class covers all aspects of how to reduce your accent as well as other important communication behaviors such as speaking from a diaphragm breath and voice skills. More time is available to work on more complicated sounds such blended consonants, word endings, advanced /R/ and /L/. There is time available to address public speaking and presentation training, leading meetings or other aspects of your job.
  • Pricing: The pricing includes your book, auditory support and private instruction scheduled at your convenience. Paying in monthly installments is available and discounts are applied when paid in full. Pricing begins from $499-1299. Check with your company to see if they pay for or subsidize professional development training.

4 Session Speech Clarity Class

  • Speak American English in the American cultural style. Noticeable improvement in 2-3 sessions.
  • Eliminate the interfering behaviors not required for English such as monotone, forceful with too much tension and fast choppy speech.
  • Real world practice blended into your day naturally.
  • Experience clearer English and not having to repeat yourself.

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Liz recognized all of my accent behaviors and how to speak better English. She takes care of you.
She captures everything related to having an accent as well as volume, breathing and presentations
My speech was fast, choppy and mumbled. Liz helped me to communicate clearly.

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Books and recorded seminar for accent reduction and public speaking.