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“Be More Dynamic in the Workplace and Have a Sizzling Social Life”

Become More Engaging, Social, and Deliberate

How to Interact in the workplace or developing a social life is not natural for everyone. Its hard having the confidence to take risks or know how be calm, confident and interesting when interacting with people regardless if it is a professional or personal situation. With our interpersonal skills training, we will teach you new skills and strategies to be more dynamic with all people in a variety of environments.


Additionally, learn the art of succinct messaging. When you are an expert in an area, it is easy to heavily explain and provide excessive detail. We will teach you how to simplify your talking points for non-technical people, outside clients and executives and supervisors.


Elizabeth Peterson has been a speech therapist and speech coach for over 22 years and has operated her practice in Denver for over 10. She is highly specialized in social and interpersonal skills and is committed to teach you those important skills so you can lead your best life.

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Our Interpersonal Communication Skills Training will Teach You How to:

  • Speak with more interesting melody patterns (intonation) that presents as interesting and engaging.
  • Eliminate behaviors of speaking softly, too fast or mumbling causing you to be unheard or unseen.
  • Speak from your optimal pitch range and communicate with stronger and richer vocal tones that people find attractive.
  • Breathe from the diaphragm to speak more comfortably even when nervous.
  • Use body language to build your confidence and send signals that shows interest and that you are approachable.
  • Ask open-ended questions that builds interesting conversation.
  • Make a connection with others that is inspiring or memorable.
  • Network with intention and get leads.
  • Learn how to simplify language for complex and scientific information to non-technical people.
  • Nice to know vs. Necessary to know. Getting to the bottom line quickly for executive officers and people in charge.
Interpersonal Skills Training
Interacting Skills

Building Connection through Interpersonal Skills Training

Once the basic speech and voice skills have been taught, we will then explore the deeper elements of building interpersonal skills across all environments. You will learn how to be more flexible with your thinking and identify opportunities for starting a conversation by learning how to comment and question with material from the immediate environment or individual.

Example of a closed question: “How do you like your fit-bit”?

Response: “I love it. It’s great.” Not much of an opportunity to build a conversation.

Example of an open question: “Are you using the fit-bit for yourself or are you part of a group?


This is considered open because the answer could easily create a platform for a natural conversation that could then lead to other topics. People love to talk about themselves. The hardest part is starting the conversation. Once you learn how to kick start it, you are forward moving. We will teach you how to master that skill while enjoying yourself.

Interpersonal Skills Denver

Listening with Intention Builds Interpersonal Skills

You will learn how to start with bigger questions and then narrow the topic by indentifying key parts of the response and then ask further questions or offer a comment.


Instead of, “How was your day”? Response: ‘Fine”. Try, “What’s been the best part of your day?” A question like this is specific and the response can be a conversation builder that can lead to new topics.


Even a great conversation can’t last forever, we will teach you how to terminate, change topics or exit gracefully. This is a very helpful skill for networking events.

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Some people make social navigation look easy in the workplace or social scene. The truth is, it can be as hard as navigating a jungle without a map.


Interpersonal skills training is ideal for you if:

  • Want to engage more in the workplace or be perceived differently from colleagues or managers
  • A new business owner and need to learn how to network effectively
  • Your goal is to expand your social network or get out on a date


It’s amazing what a small training can do for one’s confidence and image. Learning how to speak with interesting intonation and with lower and richer vocal tones are the two primary characteristics of perceived leadership and attraction. Having new skills and strategies will give you the confidence to find opportunity to take social risks and create a new you. You can change your social dynamic.

Speech and Voice - Elizabeth Peterson

Elizabeth Peterson, Denver’s leading speech therapist and executive speech coach for over 22 years and is the author of Accent Reduction 101, Third Edition 2017 and Speak Like a Broadcaster & Lead Like a CEO, Third Edition 2017 . Learn More

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Our Denver Corporate Clients
Our Corporate Clients

Elizabeth Peterson M.A., CCC-SLP Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist & Executive Speech Coach for over 22 years
Licensed speech therapist in the State of Colorado
Certified with the American Speech Language Hearing Association
CSHA, Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing AssociationASHA, American Speech-Language Hearing Association