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“How to Improve Executive Presence and Leadership Image”

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The concept of leadership development within a company culture can be comprised of many subjects. Every training we do is custom designed to meet your company or team’s needs and goals. All team members bring strengths. Our coaching will build your employee’s leadership foundation and teach many strategic and specialized skills.

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Having Executive Communication Skills are the Foundation for Developed Leaders

Our leadership development coaching begins by teaching skilled verbal and non-verbal communication behaviors as the foundation for a strong leadership image. The relationship between communication and leadership is highly rated. First, we teach business intonation, the professional melody speaking style of broadcasters, political figures and trained executives. It is a technique that when done skillfully enhances a listener’s interest, makes articulation sharp and the message is controlled and clear. We also teach how to speak form the “ideal” pitch range. This is the place in the throat where the voice produces tones that are rich and more powerful. Speaking with professional business intonation and with stronger and lower vocal tones creates the perception of leadership. We feel these skills are most important for developing a leadership image.

Leadership Skills Denver

Eliminate Unhelpful Behaviors in Leadership

At the same time, communication behaviors that reduce credibility and leadership will be eliminated such as speaking monotone or too fast, ending statement with upspeak, or communicating in a high, thin or nasal voice. These are not the behaviors associated with leadership and our coaching will ensure you have professional executive communication skills.

Leadership Development Training

After Building the Foundation: Leadership Development Enhancement

We offer a variety of leadership development topics to help your team feel inspired and productive with some of the topics listed below:


  • Body Language and Business Strategy
    Learn how to show confidence and balance a room with postures, gestures and facial expressions. Learn how to read signals of others. It is powerful knowing what signals mean during meetings or presentations to strategize whether or not a new tactic or different engagement is needed.
  • Learning Proactive Measures
      Learn how to:
  • Phrase language that is inspiring
  • Motivate employees to reach their potential
  • Conflict resolution between individuals, teams and departments
  • Manage people, projects and timelines successfully
  • Increase productivity standards by motivating people naturally
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Launching Leadership Development Within Your Team

Our trainings deliver hands-on leadership coaching with every individual. We break into smaller groups and role play skills learned such as communication for leading meetings and delivering presentations. We work with your team to develop proactive language and strategies for various scenarios related to your team such as inspiring employees, resolving conflicts and improving productivity.


By the end of the leadership development training, your team will know how to interact with confidence, speak like an executive, think strategically and have new skills and strategies for personal leadership and leading a company.

Training Options for Denver or Nationwide

We offer half, full and our most popular training, split day. For detailed information please visit our Business Communication Training on types of training and group size. We also offer our Leadership Development Two Day Seminar a few times a year.


Interested in a self study program?


Purchase the How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO (Third Ed. 2017) and/or watch our recorded-live seminar for professionals and executives online. 


Designed for busy professionals who want to quickly improve their speech, voice, presentation and leadership image. With the Seminar you can watch and follow along with the book from the comfort of your computer.


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