The Proven Power of Seven Positive Thoughts: An Extremely Effective Strategy for Fear of Public Speaking

The Proven Power of Seven Positive Thoughts: An Extremely Effective Strategy for Fear of Public Speaking


By Elizabeth Peterson, M.A.,CCC-SLP

Excerpt from, How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO

There are a myriad of studies that focus on self-esteem enhancement which state that when an individual internalizes a negative thought, it takes seven positive thoughts to undo the destructive damage that the single thought caused. Studies show that when people say bad things about themselves, it creates a brain chemistry that brings people down and impacts their mood. Giving yourself negative feedback about public speaking counts as a negative thought. Using the strategy of 7 Positive Thoughts with my clients has helped them tremendously manage their fear of public speaking.

 To undo the damage and to improve your image and confidence, studies demonstrate that you must formulate seven positive things to say about yourself.  The next time you say, “I doubt it will go well,” formulate seven original positive thoughts to counteract the negative one. This is also known as affirmations which has been proven to change brain chemistry and improve mood and outlook.  Listed below are examples of positive statements that can emotionally “undo” the damage of one negative thought. Doing this before public speaking is very helpful.

  • My lecture will be fabulous.
  • I will command respect from my audience.
  • People will realize I have expertise and look up to me.
  • I will gain respect and credibility with the people I work with.
  • I can experience new successes in life.
  • I can have the career that I want.
  • .My new skills helped me to be successful

Studies suggest that seven positive thoughts is the magic number to boost your emotional well-being enough to undo the damage of negative self talk. This number is supported by data.  Producing one or two positive thoughts will not be effective enough to improve your situation for managing fear of public speaking. For every negative thought produced, you must formulate seven positive things to say to fully restore your emotional value.  The moment you start to think about a negative thought, immediately squash it.  If you complete the negative thought, replace it with seven new positive thoughts.  After that, you will be fueled with positive energy and ready to take on the challenge of delivering a strong presentation and looking confident for public speaking.

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