Closing the Curtain on Stage Fright No More Fear of Public Speaking

Closing the Curtain on Stage Fright No More Fear of Public Speaking


By Elizabeth Peterson, M.A.,CCC-SLP

Excerpt from, How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO

Listed in this worksheet are thoughtful points to consider if you have fear of public speaking.


  1. What physical symptoms do you feel when experiencing stage fright or fear of public speaking?

*It is important to take the time to identify what you are feeling in order to have full awareness of the areas where you want to redirect that energy.



  1. On a scale from 1-10, rank your level of fear of public speaking. ____________

*If you are in the upper limit, the strategies in this unit will really help you.


  1. Provide examples of specific thoughts that enter your mind before public speaking in front of others.



  1. Do you feel different public speaking in front of 5 people versus 75? ________


  1. Is fear of public speaking physical or mental? _________________________

*It is actually both.

  1. If you have concerns that your talk will not go well, what would be some of the factors causing it not to go smoothly?


  1. What strengths can you bring to your presentation?


  1. Is fear of public speaking something that just happens to you, or do you cause those symptoms and the anxiety?



Think about these points if fear of public speaking is something that impacts you. Having better understanding and awaress of what is happening to you and why can help you to become more confident and skilled with your public speaking. I wish you great success!


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