Creating a Customer Service Culture

Developing Strong Customer Service and Phone Skills Across Your Team
“How the Right Communication Behaviors Establishes the Customer Experience”

Learn Strong Customer Service and Phone Skills

We understand that a misunderstanding between a potential customer and company representative can be time consuming and/or costly. Our customer service and phone skills training are designed to ensure that every interaction is positive and position customers to feel heard and valued.

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Studies show that…

  • Within seconds, a customer will make a conclusion on the credibility and integrity of a company based on how speech, accent, grammar and tone of voice were used by the company representative.
  • Customers make quick judgments, not on content, but the sound characteristics such as speaking too fast or with up-speak or having a thin, high or nasal sounding voice.
  • During a product or billing dispute, customers often report that the service agent was condescending positioning customers to discontinue further business.
  • Customers immediately recognize incorrect grammar, defensive or insensitive statements about their issue.
  • Conclusions are made quickly when customers are immediately placed on hold or the phone goes unanswered.
  • Customer surveys reveal that if someone has a bad experience and there are several choices
    for that product or service, they will move on to another option.
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For a company to be successful, it is essential that customers feel respected, valued and understood as they choose to spend or not spend their money on products or services. Both positive and negative interactions ultimately influence sales, profits, reputation and outcomes.

Customer Service and Phone Skills Training Design

Our customer service training is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your team. We provide our training in the Denver Metro area or we travel to you.

Speech, Voice and Language

Our training teaches professional intonation, the rhythm and melody for communicating in a style that is clear, easy to follow and engaging. Our strategy eliminates monotone, mumbling and too fast of speech habits. We also teach how to speak from the “ideal” voice that is rich, calm and friendly while radiating leadership and confidence. To ensure the right messaging is being sent, we look at language, phrasing and word choice.

Accent reduction training classes for individuals, groups, and online.
Training Phone Skills

Positioning the Customer for the Ideal Experience

We explore what creates an excellent and disappointing customer service experience. The cognitive strategy of “perspective taking” can be taught which teaches how to consider situations from another point of view. This strategy is helpful for a customer to feel heard and understood. Team members can learn the strategy of “joining” which is successful for a situation that is getting emotional. Having a variety of skilled strategies can make the difference for a successful or unsuccessful customer service interaction.

Language Matters!

What to say vs. What not to say

Exercises can include generating statements for a positive outcome.

What not to say…

  • I don’t make the rules.
  • There’s nothing I can do.
  • What happened is not my fault.

What to say instead…

  • I understand your situation. Let’s see what we can do.
  • I am here to help. Let’s look at some options.
  • We are on the same team, I’m looking into your account.

Redesigning the Customer Service Experience

As an exercise, we can listen to recorded calls and identify what went well and new ways for approaching disappointing calls. We will analyze the types of behaviors such as tone of voice, speech manners and word choice that triggers frustration and anger versus creating behaviors that leads to a proactive and positive experience. Listening to recorded calls is a very effective part of our training.

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Customer Service and Phone Skills Training Objectives:

By conclusion of the training, participants will be able to (depending on length of training):

  • Speak with professional intonation that will captivate a customer’s interest and create better interpersonal connections.
  • Speak with professional intonation that will improve a too fast of a speech rate, up-speak and articulation.
  • Use a vocal tone that is pleasant, calm and sounds confident.
  • Have a clear understanding of successful and unsuccessful customer service situations.
  • Have cognitive strategies for redirecting emotional or frustrated calls to a more positive outcome.
  • Have prepared language to use that will position a customer to feel heard and more empowered that their issue is being resolved professionally.
  • Gain stronger self-analysis and awareness with the ability to recognize a declining customer service interaction and then redirect for a more professional outcome.
Customer Service Skills


It would be our pleasure to hear your vision and goals for a customer service training that would exceed expectations. We offer half, full day and split training options in Denver or nationwide. For detailed information, please visit Business professional development page.


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