Accent Reduction 101: Instructor’s Teaching Manual



Accent Reduction 101: A Complete Program for Teaching English in the American Cultural and Business Style

Instructor’s Teaching Manual, Third Ed. (2017, 2010, 2008) 

Accent Reduction 101 (Third Edition) is the most complete and easy to teach accent reduction program on the market for instructors to lead students to clearer speech. The instructors book mirrors the client student material. Immediately have your clients speak with American intonation to experience clarity with their communication in about 3 weeks. Several daily exercises are offered where busy professionals can practice their new skills naturally across their business day. Sounds are easily explained with many exercises. Self assessments and units to help teach breathing, vocal pitch and resonance for speaking English with better accuracy. Multiple real-world exercises, strategies and audio support make reinforcement of exercises easy.


The live recorded seminar fully profiles accented cultural traits and how to identify and minimize them. How to speak English in the cultural style known as intonation, which is the most important skill for successful accent reduction. Viewing the seminar allows you see client videos and observe the participants in breakout sessions build their new skills. Hear their questions and comments of successful approaches for teaching consonant sounds with the common mistakes people make.  Detailed instruction on resonance, cultural behaviors and what that means for vowel sounds. The book and seminar provides instruction in other important cultural areas such as, how to speak from the optional pitch range, reduction of muscular tension in the face and throat as well how to diaphragm breathe.  The final two hours outlines how to find clients and build a business in accent reduction and other lucrative avenues in the world of corporate communication.

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