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“Have you ever felt that when you speak, people don’t listen?”

No need to travel with our public speaking and communication skills online classes.

Elizabeth Peterson is a speech therapist and coach for 23 years. She is a nationally recognized speech coach and author of How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO (Third Edition, 2017) She works with individuals and companies with bringing clarity, intention and confidence to their communication skills in the workplace for delivering presentations, leading meetings or directing staff and teams.

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Online Accent Reduction Training Via Skype

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Improve your Communication Skills
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  • Replace mumbling and low volume with engaging speaking skills and sharp, clear articulation.
  • Speak in a voice that is rich and strong and eliminate a thin, high or nasal sounding vocal tones.
  • Learn how to speak from a full breath and have better voice projection.
  • Eliminate interfering behaviors such as “verbal viruses”, upspeak and poor body language.
  • Learn how to speak and sound confident even when you are not.

All of our communication skills and public speaking training classes are custom designed to meet your unique needs. Even online! Together we create your goals and then watch your skills transform into more effective communication with a better leadership image.

Accent Reduction Training

Public Speaking and Presentation Online Training Options

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Elizabeth Peterson speech therapist provides one on one training.We offer 4, 6 and 8 week public speaking training classes in our Denver office or online. Shorter programs focus on business intonation, improving articulation, voice training and diaphragm breathing. Longer programs allow for presentation rehearsal, focusing on fear of public speaking, body language or leadership development through communication. Programs are developed based on your needs.


Pricing: The pricing includes your book, auditory support and private instruction scheduled at your convenience. Paying in monthly installments is available and discounts are applied when paid in full. Pricing begins from $499-1099. Check with your company to see if they pay for or subsidize professional development training.

  • Private training online in the comfort of your home or office. We offer 4, 6 and 8 weeks classes.
  • Take our public speaking Two day workshop. Learn More.
  • Self Study: Purchase the How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO (Third Edition, 2017) and watch the live-recorded Public Speaking and Presentation Class for Business Professionals on your timeline. Hear the questions from our participants and watch their feedback and skills improve. You learn from them. Learn More.

Our online format is typically SKYPE or WebEx.

It’s easy! Your How to Speak like a Broadcaster adn Lead like a CEO (Third Edition, 2017) book is included and shipped at no cost to you. Overseas clients you will receive the ebook.

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Speech and Voice - Elizabeth Peterson

Elizabeth Peterson, Denver’s leading speech therapist and executive speech coach for over 22 years and is the author of Accent Reduction 101, Third Edition 2017 and Speak Like a Broadcaster & Lead Like a CEO, Third Edition 2017 . Learn More

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Our Denver Corporate Clients
Our Corporate Clients

Elizabeth Peterson M.A., CCC-SLP Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist & Executive Speech Coach for over 22 years
Licensed speech therapist in the State of Colorado
Certified with the American Speech Language Hearing Association
CSHA, Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing AssociationASHA, American Speech-Language Hearing Association