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We offer a variety of short 4, 6 or 8 hour public speaking classes and presentation training programs to position you to achieve your communication goals. At our complementary consultation a speech coach will discuss your goals, ideas or concerns about public speaking or giving a presentation. We will then create a program specific to your personal and professional needs. Program length is based on the amount of program goals. In each class, your speech coach will teach you a new strategy on how to maximize your voice, public speaking and communication skills feeling assured that you are in command of your listener’s attention, speaking with greater confidence and of course enjoying yourself.

Experience Matters!

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Elizabeth Peterson, speech therapist, speech coach for nearly 20 years is the author of How to Speak Like a Broadcaster and Sound Like a CEO. She lectures and does on-site company trainings nationwide. Her public speaking, presentation and leadership training has helped countless business professionals achieve their goals and build their careers.

Why Our Public Speaking Classes and Presentation Trainings Will Work for You

    • You will learn how to speak using rhythm and melody that will engage your listener’s interest and have crisp pronunciation. This is the speaking style of news broadcasters and political figures.

    • You will learn how to speak in your perfect pitch range to have strong and vibrant vocal tones.
    • Never again speak with a thin or nasal sounding voice. You will learn where to “place your voice” for your best tone quality.
    • Breathing for life is different than breathing for public speaking or giving a presentation. Learning how to breathe is the most important factor for projection and speaking with rich vocal quality. You will learn how to breathe that will significantly improve your public speaking and pronunciation skills.

  • Strategies will be taught to eliminate fear of public speaking and present as a calm and confident speaker.
  • A variety of strategies will be presented for organizing content and delivering an attractive presentation
  • We position you to use your new communication skills out in the real world by incorporating activities that exist in your professional and personal life.

What Separates Speech and Voice Enterprises
from Other American Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Companies?

  • Since your class is tailored by your speech coach, your practice is incorporated into your daily routine so finding time to practice happens automatically!
  • Your speech coach will use elements of your professional day or routine (i.e., conference calls, meetings, auditions, or presentations) and blend them into your class giving you practical conversational experience. Feedback from former clients has stated this is the best part of their class.
  • Follow up phone calls between speech sessions are provided to ensure successful practice and address any new questions before your next public speaking class and presentation training classes.


Public Speaking and Presentation Training Available at Company Locations Nationwide, In-Person or Online.


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