Practicing Using Your Stronger and More Powerful Voice


The last blog posts focused on how to find your best and more powerful voice though the use of strategies. Now it is time to select strategies that you like and practice at the word and sentence level.

  • Select a strategy: Sigh on down, Uh-huh, Umm-Hmm and think about speaking from your chest area.
  • Produce the words below in your optimal pitch range.

Beautiful                     Waterfall                     Monopoly                   Experiment

Television                   Marathon                    Minnesota                  Refrigerator

Hello                           Happy                         Apartment                  Particular

Remember to notice a sensation or vibration from your breastbone, located in the center of your chest. This would be another place for a prompt to find your optimal pitch range. Try the phrase “beautiful-one” to ten and notice the vibration within your breastbone. Repeat the list of words and notice what optimal pitch feels like and how to find it.

Pitch Practice at the Sentence Level

Now that you are able to isolate your optimal pitch range at the word and phrase levels, advance to speaking with ideal pitch tones at the sentence level. While repeating the sentences, focus on both good intonation and optimal pitch.

  1. The weather patterns can range from hot to cold in a matter of minutes.
  2. The earthquake destroyed everything except the Catholic Church.
  3. Have faith that with this new approach everything will work out great.
  4. When you are in a pinch, use pineapple juice instead of pineapple puree.
  5. The report about penguin migration in the Pacific was well written.
  6. Amelia Earhart was a brave pilot and pioneer for women.
  7. You can get a good kosher turkey sandwich at the corner market.

Congratulations! You are now speaking from your optimal and more powerful pitch range. Practice this over the next week.

Homework: Take a communication risk and try speaking with your new and more powerful voice with frequent things you say, social greeting and short line. When this become habit this will be a nice change for you.

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