How to find your BEST Vocal Pitch Range for Improved Public Speaking Skills

How to find your BEST Vocal Pitch Range for Improved Public Speaking Skills

How to Find your Best Vocal Range Using the Sigh on Down Strategy

(Excerpt from: How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO)   

Elizabeth Peterson M.A.CCC-SLP

 This is a quick way to find where your more powerful voice is located in your lower throat for better public speaking skills. My clients find this strategy to be very helpful and I call it the, “Sigh on Down” strategy. Take a full breath and do a vocal “sigh” or “ahhh” sound all the way down until you feel the most power in your voice from your lower throat. Start thin and high with your “sigh or ah” and vocalize all the way down. When you get to your lower throat you will notice that your voice got louder and more powerful naturally, without you adding additional effort.

Do this several times to find the optimal or more powerful pitch place to have better  public speaking skills. Once you have found this location in your lower throat, say a few statements. It is helpful to think of speaking from your chest. Speaking from the place in your lower throat where you have the most power is your best or optimal pitch range. It may take some time to get used to speaking from this area. It will be a nice improvement when you do.

My clients at first comment that they think their voices are too low or perhaps sound too masculine when they speak publically. Remember, your voice was too thin, high in pitch or nasal sounding which is a different sound from this voice placement. It will take some getting used to.

To find your optimal pitch range, when you speak from your lower throat, you probably have noticed that it felt as if you were speaking from the area of your breastbone or chest area. The breastbone is in the center of your rib cage, and when you place your hand in that area, you can feel it vibrate when you speak from your optimal pitch range. When you speak, think of the sound waves coming from your breastbone or chest area. That will help keep you in your optimal pitch range.

Once you sigh on down to your lower throat, practice counting, saying your name and some social phrases from this area. You will notice vibrations from your chest bone. Think of speaking from this area to help you to speak from your optimal pitch range for better public speaking skills. This will take practice.

Next week, we will learn more strategies on how to speak from your best or optimal pitch range.

Homework: When you are at a red light in your car, practice your Sigh on Down strategy while saying a few words and phrases. This new and better place for talking will start to feel more natural after about a week. Natural ways to practice your public speaking skills.

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