Motivating Mondays Begins January 22! Free Videos and Articles on Public Speaking

Motivating Mondays Begins January 22! Free Videos and Articles on Public Speaking

Motivating Mondays

FREE Public Speaking and Professional Communication Weekly Series

Starts Monday, January  22, 2018

29 Week Series!

Each week a short video and article will be posted on various topics surrounding how to speak and sound more professional. If you speak before others, lead teams, deliver presentations or want to learn how professional speech increases leadership, don’t miss this great FREE series

Our series will be available from our Website Blog, Facebook, Youtube or LinkedIn posted every Monday.


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Motivating Mondays Schedule of Topics

 Series One: 7 Weeks         Speaking with a Stronger and More Powerful Voice

  • Your “Normal” Voice vs. Your “Best” and more Powerful Voice  3:03
  • How to Find Your “Best” Pitch Vocal Range- Sigh on Down Strategy 6:14
  • Other Strategies for your “Best” Voice Range 4:23
  • Three Amazing Strategies for Using your New Skills in The Real World 6:04
  • Applying your Best and More Powerful Voice Every Day 3:59
  • Do you Speak with some Vocal Fry? 3:05
  • Why do I Sound Funny on Recordings? 2:36

Series 2: 4 Weeks              Never Sounding Nasal Again

  • The 3 Types of Voice Placement (i.e., Resonance) 5:50
  • The Test for Nasal Speech 5:00
  • Strategies for Applying your New and Rich Sounding Voice 4:47
  • Why Do I Think I am Shouting!? 2:29

Series 3:  5 Weeks             Breathing for your Best Communication

  • Why Diaphragm Breathing Matters for Effective Communication  3:38
  • How to Take a Diaphragm Breath- Part 1 5:07
  • How to Take a Diaphragm Breath- Part 2 6:23
  • Speaking From a Diaphragm Breath 4:16
  • Taking that 2nd and 3rd Diaphragm Breath for Conversation & Presenting 7:13

Series 4: 7 Weeks              How to Speak and Sound More Professional

  • How to Sound More Engaging and Interesting 6:12
  • Speaking with Sharp and Crisp Articulation 7:10
  • Don’t Be an Up-tone Girl… or Guy 5:44
  • Fast Speech Hurts Leadership! Learn How to Control Your Speech 6:23
  • How to Ask Questions like a Leader 3:34
  • Don’t Let Verbal Viruses Destroy Your Good Communication Skills 6:03
  • Using This Four Letter Word will Squash your Leadership Image  2:06

Series 5: 6 Weeks              Eliminating your Fear of Public Speaking

  • Why Does My Body Go into Ciaos Before a Presentation ?  5:31
  • The Number One Fear of Public Speaking .You Have Full Control of This 5:46
  • Physically Burn Away your Public Speaking Fears 7:13
  • The Proven Strategy of Visualization for Performance Anxiety 4:44
  • The Proven Power of 7 Positive Thoughts 4:33
  • No More Fears of Public Speaking: Your Check List  5:44

Join us every Monday beginning Monday January 22, 2018!

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