Do you Speak With Vocal Fry?

Do you Speak With Vocal Fry?

Do you Speak with Vocal Fry?                                                                                     https//

 By Elizabeth Peterson M.A.CCC-Speech-language pathologist


(Excerpt from: How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO)

  Before we get into learning how to speak with your optimal pitch range for optimal public speaking skills, let’s determine if you speak with vocal fry. Chances are, you are not familiar with this term or behavior. Many people will often speak with some vocal fry toward the end of their statements. Instead of speaking in a pure vocal tone, the voice sounds a little fried, rough, squeaky during the last couple of words in the statement. The professional term for this is called, diplaphonia, where the vocal folds are actually producing two different pitches at one time. This is why the voice sounds like it is fried or not pure in tone.

This is an unhelpful behavior for many reasons particularly for public speaking situations. Non-verbally, the sound quality of your voice is sending signals that you are bored or not interested in what you are saying. It is also a bad voice habit to speak like this over time.

Vocal fry happens for one of two reasons. The fry is happening because you are not fully engaging your voice. Learning how to speak from your optimal pitch range will keep your voice pure and strong for your entire statements. The other reason can be due to not speaking with enough breath support. Learning the skill of speaking with a diaphragm breath will help to eliminate this behavior. For some it may due to both, not fully engaging your voice or speaking with enough breath support. Learning how to speak from your optimal pitch range and speaking from a diaphragm breath will eliminate the vocal fry and have you speaking in richer more powerful tones.

Homework:  After reading this, do you think you speak with vocal fry?

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