The Proven Strategy of Visualizing Success for Managing Fear of Public Speaking

The Proven Strategy of Visualizing Success for Managing Fear of Public Speaking


By Elizabeth Peterson, M.A., CCC-SLP

Excerpt from, How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO

There are many studies and tremendous data in the fields of sports psychology and performance in general that report visualizing personal success directly correlates with positive outcomes. Data supports that the technique of visualizing success is an effective approach for minimizing the effects of performance issues and significantly boosting confidence and self assurance. This is an excellent strategy to try for fear of public speaking and I have used it with many of my clients.

This is how the approach of visualization works:

Visualize yourself delivering a great presentation. Think of every detail.

  • Visualize yourself walking up before your group standing tall, walking deliberately and looking confident.
  • Visualize yourself looking at the audience, taking a pause for a full breath.
  • Visualize yourself delivering a strong and confident introduction of yourself and topic.
  • Visualize yourself delivering your information with fluency and engaging intonation patterns.
  • Visualize the audience enjoying your presentation. See the interest and enjoyment in their faces.
  • Visualize answering questions with confidence.
  • Visualize a strong closing.
  • Visualize applause.
  • Visualize people or your boss approaching you and saying how well the presentation went.
  • Visualize yourself looking pleased and proud of your delivery.

Take time to visualize every step of a successful presentation. Visualize every part of your public speaking program. Think of every component of that aspect, such as how you are dressed, your posture and your facial expression. Visualize your speech articulators having a smooth transition within each syllable and speaking in a fluent melody.  Visualize speaking in a strong and resonant sounding voice with good projection. Then imagine the positive outcome of delivering a great presentation. Spend some time on this technique and give it a chance to work. Do not simply take a snapshot vision, but rather take the time to look at all of the aspects that create a good result in public speaking.

This strategy is heavily supported by data. If you have fear of public speaking, I highly encourage you to give this strategy a real try and chance. It is amazing the comments I have received from clients who have done this and felt that it really worked. They felt their confidence, brain chemistry and attitude of speaking before others really changed.

Good luck to you and know that you can be great at public speaking!

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