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Can I Lose My Regional Accent

The short answer is yes. American English, although one language, is spoken differently across the country. During the early settlement, different communication patterns for American English were being established known as dialects. If fact, when settlers were first establishing their lives, different dialects could be detected about every 50 miles across the United States.

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What is Standard American English?

Standard American English is defined that when spoken, a listener cannot identify the origin or place of the speaker. This is because the speech pattern is from a “standard” or generic model. News and sports broadcasters are good examples of standard American Speech.


The United States has many different types of dialects from the states of Maine, New York, southern states or Texas, to name a few. Anyone can learn to communicate in a more standard model. The major differences are how resonance, voice and intonation are used.

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What is Resonance and What Does It Have to Do with A Regional Accent?

Resonance has to do with where the voice is “placed.” Standard American resonance is placed in the center of the mouth cavity. Some southern speaker’s place their voice higher resulting in nasal resonance. Some speakers from back east such as New York or Massachusetts place their voices lower in their throats creating pharyngeal resonance. Learning to speak with more oral resonance is required for speaking with less of a regional accent or dialect.

What is Intonation and What Does It have to Do with A Regional Accent?

Intonation is the rhythm and melody for speech and it is cultural within the United States. There is a specific intonation pattern for standard American and business intonation. It is spoken with deliberate pitch patterns that move up and down. Vowel sounds should be said flat without a rise in pitch as seen in southern speakers. Vowel sounds should also be said with ease and not involve over punching of sounds from the back of the throat which can be observed with speakers from the eastern region of the United States. Often with regional accents, some vowel sounds are pronounced outside of the Standard America Speech Model which can be corrected with intonation and some instruction.

What is the Role of Voice When it Comes to a Regional Accent?

When it comes to voice, speech therapists like to describe voice in two categories, habitual and optimal pitch. Habitual pitch is your voice as you know it. It is your normal or social voice. You talk and go and never think about the sound quality. Optimal voice is the place in your lower throat where your voice functions at its best to deliver tones that are stronger and more powerful. Optimal or your best voice is physiology. It is a specific place in your lower throat where your vocal folds are at its best position for talking.


Voice is influenced culturally across the county. Behaviors for how voice is used comes from different areas of the United States. Often a habitual voice can be described as thinner, higher and more nasal. For many people, there is a gap between the habitual and optimal voice placement. Individuals with a regional accent can learn how to speak from their optimal voice and reduce that regional accent.

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Reducing a Regional Accent is Possible

You can reduce your regional accent with good training. There must be a willingness to change how you are currently talking. There must be a willingness to change your intonation speaking pattern, voice and resonance and have instruction with some vowel sounds.

Regional Accent Reduction Programs

Elizabeth Peterson, Speech therapist and coach provides accent reduction training for man from India4 Session Program: Introduction to Standard American Speech

  • Learn the Standard American intonation speaking pattern
  • Eliminate behaviors of sliding and gliding or over punching vowel sounds
  • Introduction into optimal pitch
  • Strategies for transferring these skills into everyday life


8 Session Program: Full Regional Accent Reduction Program

  • Everything from the 4 session program plus:
  • Learn how to speak from your optimal pitch range
  • Combine the skills of intonation and voice at the conversational level
  • Vowel work and oral resonance. Some regional speakers have different habits with some vowel sounds


Pricing: The pricing includes your book, auditory support and private instruction scheduled at your convenience. Paying in monthly installments is available and discounts are applied when paid in full. Pricing begins from $499-899. Check with your company to see if they pay for or subsidize professional development training.


Onsite Accent Reduction Training at Company Locations in Denver and Nationwide

Please call us to discuss your needs and type of training of interest. More information is on our Business Communication Training page on types of training and group sizes.

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