What to Expect from Webinar

What to expect from us regarding your upcoming webinar


Thank you for joining our Webinar. You are in for a great experience. A week before your webinar you will receive an email from Webex, which is the link to your program and your meeting number. We will also mail you your book in advance and any other materials needed for your seminar.


When it is time to start, click the link from Webex to take you to their platform. Click the audio connection. That will dial you in. Enter your meeting number and you will enjoy your seminar. During the course you can type in questions in the chat box or offer a comment and participate in the discussion. We will check for questions during an optimal Q and A time, not at the immediate time it was sent. We will check frequently during optimal times. The PowerPoint will be embedded in the webinar and you will clearly see your instructor.


PLEASE have your microphone muted. If it is on we will hear you-all of you right down to throat clearing, the dog barking and your kids. The same is also true with video. If you are watching the webinar in bed, everyone will know. There will be times when we want you to verbally participate and at that time you will be instructed to turn on your microphone.



If you are having trouble with technical difficulties, in blue you will see a US toll free number to call for support at the bottom of your screen. Call them, not us. We are not equipped to support technical difficulties. It is also your responsibility to ensure your technology device is new enough and capable to support a webinar. Your internet signal needs to be strong enough to support a webinar. If you have difficulty with your home/work internet you may want to rethink a webinar. Please make sure your volume is up and check other things to watch a video. Please understand we cannot refund tuition after the course if your technology device could not handle the program. Webex is equipped to tell us if the problem was on our end or yours. Make sure your device is ready to go.


You are in for a great program. Thank you for choosing Speech and Voice Enterprises for your seminar. Webinars are a new and comfortable way of attending a program.


Liz Peterson, M.A.,CCC-SLP
Owner of Speech and Voice Enterprises

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