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Why Media Training is Essential

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You may have heard of people possessing “It Skills,” the perfect blend of speech, voice and attractive on-camera imagery. The truth is, those skills can be taught and many media professionals and hopefuls have taken training. Elizabeth Peterson has been a speech therapist and speech coach for over 23 years and has operated her practice in Denver for over 14. She knows the ideal behaviors to position media professionals to radiate confidence and leadership through skilled speech, voice and non-verbal communication skills and body language usage.

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What Skilled Media Training Can Provide

Our media training teaches your staff members how to build their image by delivering professional sounding speech, and using a voice that is strong and pure in tone. Also other key media factors to deliver the company’s message with confidence, credibility, and unquestionable leadership.

What Media Training Covers

Our media training is custom designed. All training includes improving speech and voice skills plus some or all of the listed points below:


  • When speaking in the media, it is critical that the presenter communicate with clear and sharp speech. We teach how to speak using business intonation, similar to the way broadcasters, executives and political leaders speak for crisp articulation and controlling rate of speed. This method creates better energy, and studies show that a speaker captivates a listener’s attention based on how pitch tones and patterns are strategically applied. Speaking with this type of business intonation is a powerful technique for creating an effective media presence. Messages will be clear and delivered with confidence.
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Media Training in Denver
  • When working in media, credibility and a strong leadership image is important for the message to be believed. Part of what enhances an image and message is to speak from the ideal pitch range to produce a vocal tone that is strong, rich and vibrant. Studies show that people who speak with a soft, thin voice, speak with a higher pitch, or place their voice too high in the nasal cavity are not perceived as credible compared to those with lower and stronger vocal tones. Those are not the speaking traits people associate with leadership. Speaking from the optimal pitch range will also improve projection and help individuals speak strongly and compete against background noise that may occur in media settings.
  • How to take a diaphragmatic breath is taught to maximize breathing to further enhance projection and enable a voice to be carried across a room. Breathing strategically will improve communication skills overall and the voice will be heard more clearly in noisy environments.
  • Strategies are taught to eliminate anxiety occurring in public or other high-stress speaking situations that can interfere with a message, credibility, or company image.
  • We teach strategies and techniques for learning how to organize content and respond to unplanned questions.
  • We address how to use body language to persuade, present as a leader and be camera ready.
  • Media do’s and don’ts are covered such as: “nice to know vs. necessary to know”, “crisis communication” and “what to say and what not to say”.
  • Our media training also covers how to present information clearly and more concisely. We teach how to effectively use PowerPoint and other visual media tools.
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We offer half, full and our most popular training, split day at business locations in Denver or Nationwide. For detailed information please visit our Business Communication Training on types of training and group size. We also provide private coaching in these areas.


  • We provide individual coaching and offer 4, 6, or 8 week private sessions. Please call to arrange a complementary consultation.
  • For pricing, please call us so we can learn about your team, needs, group size and type of training of interest. After our discussion, we will then send you a proposal of different training options along with cost.



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